The Edwardsville Downtown Historic Walk was started in 1991 by three Edwardsville
grade school teachers as a means by which to teach second grade students about the
history of their community.  The focus was walk from one historic location to another and
along the way they encounter citizens from the community that lived here in different eras.

The walk has prospered and grown since that time.  Originally open to all Edwardsville
Community School District students, the success and popularity grew to the point that
other communities began to host their own walks.  Due to the increased interest and
growing student population (and the fact that some of the children were already
participating in similar walks within their own communities), it was decided to scale the
student participation down to only include Edwardsville grade schools.

The walk still continues to be a springtime rite.  Currently about 11 actors play different
citizens on the walk.  Tour guides escort the classes along the walk, point out various
historic landmarks,  and introduce the students to the citizens they meet.  The Madison
County Historic Museum staff also conducts a demonstration on early life in the region.

The walk is an all volunteer effort and all funding comes from local organizations and
businesses.  If you wish to volunteer or contribute, please feel free to contact Jeff at for more information.   
About The Walk
Edwardsville Downtown Historic Walk
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