County Surveyors
The position of County Surveyor for Madison County was created in  1817 with Ashael
Enloe being the first appointed to the position.  Appointments remained the preferred
method until 1835, when the office became an elected one.  It is interesting to note that the
county was divided into an Eastern and Western district with a separate surveyor in charge
of each.  A Certificate of Commission for Joseph Burnap bears the title County Surveyor
for the Eastern District of Madison County.  This explains some having terms which
overlapped every two years.  The county surveyor position remained until 1957, when the
position was removed statewide.  Following is a listing of known County Surveyors and the
years they were commissioned.
Ashael Enloe
John York Sawyer
Benaiah Robinson
1821, 1835, 1839, 1843, 1847
(also asked to serve 1851-1853)
Don Alonzo Spaulding
1823, 1825, 1859
Joseph Burnap
1837, 1844
G.M. Atwood
Samuel G. McGregory
William E. Wheeler
1855, 1859
Nelson D. Sweeney
1861, 1869
George H. Knowles
Thomas R. Wilson
Thomas M. Long
Walton Rutledge
1875, 1877
George Dickson
1884, 1892
F. Oswald
Elmer E. Rutledge
William Morgan
1904, 1908
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