Madison County, Illinois is rich with history and the
profession of surveying explores the past almost daily.  
Whether trying to track old deed conveyances, find and
decipher old maps, or attempting to determine the origin of an
old roadway, surveying a parcel of land has to commence
with what has happened with the land prior to the project at
hand.  Being knowledgeable in this history is a requirement
in providing a thorough survey.

After the Revolutionary War, the land of the Northwest
Territory was claimed by numerous states.  The newly
formed Federal Government set about the task of dividing this
land so it could be sold and revenue could be collected.  The
government began the surveys of this region in 1804, while it
was still part of the Indiana Territory.

Along with the surveyors came settlers and those trying to
establish a new life in this land.  The Illinois Territory came
into existence in 1809 due to the influx of immigration into the
area.  This territory included all of the current State of Illinois
s well as all lands north to the Canadian border.

Madison County was created in 1812 and it, too, included all
land North to the border with Canada.  Federal surveyors
were given the task of surveying the perimeter of 1 mile
square parcels of land called Sections.  It was left to the
County Surveyors to further divide these sections into smaller
tracts to be sold to settlers.
Madison County - A Brief History
History of Surveying in Madison County
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